Lovely Rita

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Sullen, brooding Rita (Barbara Osika) is an outcast teenager in suburban Austria, misunderstood both at school, where she's disdained by classmates, and at home, where her staunchly religious mother (Karina Brandlmayer) and temperamental father (Wolfgang Kostal) bemoan her inability to fit in with their comfortable bourgeois life. When Rita sets out to seduce her school bus driver (Peter Fiala), she sets in motion a series of events that changes everyone's lives irrevocably.

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Direction: Jessica Hausner

Script: Jessica Hausner

Cast: Barbara Osika, Christoph Bauer, Peter Fiala, Wolfgang Kostal, Karina Brandlmayer

Original Title: Lovely Rita

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Countries: Austria, Germany


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