Feature Film



Film Still "The Strong Ones"

The Strong Ones

Omar Zúñiga 2019 98 Min
Lucas travels to a remote town in southern Chile to …
Film Still "Concussion"


Stacie Passon 2013 96 Min
Abby, an attractive 40-something, wealthy housewife who – after getting …
Film Still "Buddies"


Arthur J. Bressan Jr. 1985 81 Min
Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (Gay USA) created this indie masterpiece …
Film Still "The Blue Hour"

The Blue Hour

Anucha Boonyawatana 2015 100 Min
Tam, a loner gay boy is always bullied by his …
Film Still "The Blonde One"

The Blonde One

Marco Berger 2019 108 Min
In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel has just moved …
Film Still "Bent"


Sean Mathias 1997 102 Min
Set amidst the decadence and terror of Fascist Germany, Bent …
Film Still "Beautiful Thing"

Beautiful Thing

Hettie MacDonald 1996 87 Min
A long, hot summer in South London and Jamie Gangel …
Film Still "Beach Rats"

Beach Rats

Eliza Hittman 2017 95 Min
On the outskirts of Brooklyn, Frankie, an aimless teenager, suffocates …
Film Still "Lazy Eye"

Lazy Eye

Tim Kirkman 2016 91 Min
Passions reignite and hidden secrets revealed when a graphic designer …
Film Still "Are We Lost Forever"

Are We Lost Forever

David Färdmar 2020 103 Min
One morning it is over. For Hampus it is a …
Film Still "Adam"


Rhys Ernst 2019 95 Min
Adam, an awkward teen, spends a summer with his older …
Film Still "52 Tuesdays"

52 Tuesdays

Sophie Hyde 2013 109 Min
16-year-old Billie’s reluctant path to independence is accelerated when her …
Film Still "1985"


Yen Tan 2018 85 Min
Texas, Christmas 1985 – Adrian is home for the first …
Film Still "Porn Punk Poetry"

Porn Punk Poetry

Maurice Hübner 2014 41 Min
A male prostitute who almost forgot the meaning of real …
Film Still "Tangerine"


Sean Baker 2015 87 Min
After hearing that her boyfriend/pimp cheated on her while she …
Film Still "Don't Look at Me That Way"

Don't Look at Me That Way

Uisenma Borchu 2015 88 Min
Hedi is the new neighbor of Iva, who raises her …
Film Still "Tom at the Farm"

Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan 2013 105 Min
The story of Tom, who is in the grip of …
Film Still "A Man, His Lover, and His Mother"

A Man, His Lover, and His Mother

Marcel Gisler 2013 106 Min
Lorenz Meran, (40) a successful gay author suffering acute writers' …
Film Still "The Man Who Loved Yngve"

The Man Who Loved Yngve

Stian Kristiansen 2008 97 Min
It's November 1989, and the Berlin Wall is falling. In …
Film Still "The Parade"

The Parade

Srdjan Dragojevic 2012 115 Min
Present day Belgrade. The owner of the private security company, …

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