Storkow Kalifornia

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Storkow. Sunny (25) and his mother Nena (50) live as social outlaws in the east-german countryside, doing drugs in the car and on the „Beach“. But when Nena hooks up with Pfeffi-Werner, and Sunny meets the cop Liv, their life can't go on like before. Sunny falls in love with Liv. But Liv wants to leave Storkow and move to Berlin. He needs to make a harsh decision. What he doesn't expect is, that Nena won't surrender. Not before having tried everything to make him stay.

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Direction: Kolja Malik

Script: Kolja Malik

Cast: Franziska Ponitz, Daniel Roth, Lana Cooper

Original Title: Storkow Kalifornia

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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