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Born in Evin follows filmmaker and actress, Maryam Zaree, on her quest to find out the violent circumstances surrounding her birth inside one of the most notorious political prisons in the world. Exactly forty years have passed since the monarchy of the Shah of Iran was toppled and the Islamic Republic declared. In the 1980’s Ayatollah Khomeini, the so-called reli- gious leader, had tens of thousands of political opponents arrested, perse- cuted and murdered. Among them the filmmaker’s parents who, after years in prison, managed to seek asylum in Germany. The family never talked about their persecution and imprisonment. Maryam Zaree faces the dec- ades-long silence and explores her own questions about the place and the circumstances of her birth.

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Direction: Maryam Zaree

Original Title: Born in Evin

Original Languages: German, English, French, Persian

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Germany, Austria


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