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I Am A Woman Now (formerly Casablanca Revisited), the first generation of transsexuals who had their sex change in Casablanca back in the mid-1950s to 1960s take stock of their lives. Do these pioneers feel like total women and did it give them the fulfillment in life they expected ? The women featured in the film were all treated by the same 'miracle doctor', Georges Burou. As long as these 'patients' paid, there were no pre-conditions, no questions asked at his clinic in Casablanca. A film about the pursuit of an almost unattainable dream, about the gap between its realization and the hard reality that sometimes follows.

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Direction: Michiel van Erp

Script: Michiel van Erp

Cast: Jean Lessenich, Corinne van Tongerloo, Marie-Pierre Pruvot (Bambi), April Ashley, Colette Berends

Original Title: I Am a Woman Now

Original Languages: English, French, Dutch

Subtitles: German

Film Production Country: Netherlands


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