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They are 19 years old, lead normal teenage lives, and attend the same school in a small Czech border town. The film portrays Teo, Renata, Anicka, and Nikola at a time when looming adulthood is beginning to cast an anxious shadow over their carefree high school existence. Each of them faces a momentous challenge whose outcome will change their life forever. And it’s not only about leaving exams. Who will succeed, who will fail, and who will truly come of age? The camera is virtually one with the characters for the most part, immersing the viewer in the world of each protagonist. Dynamic editing underscores the young generation’s restlessness and lack of focus. Nothing Like Before offers a cinematically captivating look into the lives of teenagers forced to grow up sooner than they would like.

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Direction: Lukas Kokes, Klara Tasovska

Script: Lukas Kokes, Klara Tasovska

Original Title: Nic Jako Dřív

Original Language: Czech

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Czechia


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